a regretful Sunday


It was Sunday (02/06/1013). It was so regretful day. I woke up at 03.15 a.m. in the morning. It meant I did not pray Tahajud, Hajat, and Witir prayer for two consecutive days. Even worse, I did not make Subuh Prayer Jamaah and the worst thing was I slept again after 03.15 and woke up at 6.00 am. It was extremely late for making Subuh Prayer.

At 08.00 am, I went to the Lab. I was continuing my background reading as suggested by Andrew, my supervisor. I read a review paper entitled  Metaheuristics in Combinatorial Optimization: Overview and Conceptual Comparison by CHRISTIAN BLUM from Universit´e Libre de Bruxelles and ANDREA ROLI from Universit `a degli Studi di Bologna.

However, I was very less productive. I was terribly distracted by social media too much i.e. facebook, youtube, and blogging. It was so regretful indeed. But, everything happened with a reason. At least I found very precious thing from Youtube. I found a great advice from the principal of Pondok Modern Gontor i.e. Dr KH Abdullah Syukri Zarkasyi MA  about Life. First, I found the important of Istiqomah in Life. To be Istiqomah in fully surrender and sincerely make service to Allah, to do everything simply only for and because of Allah, one and the only one God for human being.

He also advised that to succeed in Life, we should be very-very hard in deep thinking, working, being patient,  and praying. In Bahasa, we should:


Second, he reminded me to recall what the philosophy and the purpose of my  Life is? He advised me  to have five principles in Life.  Five principles that will be soul of our Life. They were: Sincerity, Simplicity, Autonomy and Independence, Unity in Islam, Free Mind

Keikhlasan, Kesederhanaan, Kemandirian, Ukhuwah Islamiyah, Jiwa Bebas.

Thanks God to remind me in rethinking back about my Life. I love you as always.






  1. Pak Cik,
    it was SUNDAY, for goodness sake!

    (eh tapi jadi mikir, Pak Cik yg terlalu serius atau saya yg terlalu nyantai, ya? ;-p)

    Anyway, I’m sure it was a well deserved rest. 🙂


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