background reading and working on CheSC 2014 website

It was Thursday (30/05/2013). I woke up at 02.10 am in the morning. I made Isyak, Tahajud, Hajat, and Witir prayer before leaving for Subuh Prayer jamaah at Portland Building at The University Park. It was raining and I walked to the mosque alone under my broken Umbrella. It was extremely cold and very not convenient walking under the shower at the very beginning of virgin morning. It might be because the rain, there were only few brothers made prayer in the mosque. I was so grateful, I was among them. Thanks God.

After reciting Istigotsah, and making Dluha prayer I went to the lab as usual. I left the house at 06.30 PM. In the lab, I read fundamental book in my research area i.e. Modern heuristic techniques for combinatorial problems. It was basic stuff but worth reading. While reading the book, I was working on CheSC website. I got problem with installing two WordPress website under the same domain. It took times to figure the problem out. But finally, it was solved. Another problems arose was the problem with incompatible theme. It caused Error:

HTTP Error Status: 502 Bad Gateway
Error Reason: Server unreachable

I suspected it was the network problem before I realized that it was the theme problem. It made me to work from the beginning again, installing the wordpress from Scratch again and finally it worked.


Along the day, I was still working under my sentimental brain and melancholic heart control. I listened to romantic songs and watching motivating video on Youtube too much while working . It really made me less productive, indeed. I hated it very much, but it was not easy to get relief. I was a little  bit inspired with Hanum Salsabila Rais of her excellent work on  her best-selling book entitled:  99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa (99 lights on the Europe Sky). It told her Journey and experiences from living in the European countries especially in Austria, France, Spain, and Turkey. She investigated the Islamic artifact left on European  countries heritage.


She was so adorable, so beautiful and smart. She really motivated me to write the similar book in the near future, Insya Allah. Other than, simply successfully finishing my PhD, I also eager to document my incredible time and priceless experiences living in the European cultures, especially in the UK in a easy reading Novel. Hopefully, it will inspire many people in the future.

Another inspiring video was  Iwan Setyawan work on 9 Autumns 10 Summers bookHe did encouraged me to be a successful book author and he inspired me to be very hard working to achieve success in Life as well as to be a great lover to our Mother.



Oh God, I did hope that someday I could do a great job like them for the sake of you.

I left  the Lab at 09.15 PM. I was fasting today, so I left the amenities building promptly after finishing Maghrib prayer. I was not happy with myself today, but thank you very much for today ya Allah. I love you as always.



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