How do students learn? the thing that you must know as lecturer

The thing that I loved and appreciated most pursuing my PhD in the UK, especially in the University of Nottingham was that I had a world of opportunities to be fully developed as personal. Doing PhD in the UK was not simply doing research. The University of Nottingham provided free a bunch of courses and workshops for your personal development to be fully well-rounded graduate. I personally enjoyed these opportunities very much. I really enjoyed learning something new, cross discipline, and out of my research area and academic background. I also enjoyed attending the courses, because I always had opportunity to make new friends. Meet, Greet, and learn from new people from different culture and background was always a great pleasure and priceless moment for me.  As Phd student, I really did not want to limit my life border with the lab wall.


One of interesting workshops that I loved most was Learning and Teaching. From this workshop,  I had a great opportunities to learn elaborately how the higher learning education system in the UK was. It also gave me practical skill in effective learning and teaching thoroughly. There were a wide variety of courses prepared in order for helping to be a good lecturer. I strongly believed that It will be very fruitful knowledge for me, as a lecturer,  in the future. Being  mastering in our expertise area was not enough to be a great lecturer. Because, we will be dealing with human, not machine. There were many complicated things to be considered as a lecturer who always be dealing with students as human.


It was Wednesday (22/05/2013). I attended another workshop in Teaching and Learning, namely : How do students learn? It was a great workshop. The lecturer was perfect, the one who had experiences more than 15 years in his subject of expertise. The workshop material was also awesome, and the participants were interesting. I enjoyed very much the workshop.

From this workshop, I just realized that students had different approaches in their learning styles. They were Activist, Reflector, Theorist, and Pragmatist. They had quite different style in learning. They had different preferences on the way they were taught in the class. So far as a lecturer, I did not care about that. I thought that what I thought to be effective method for me, should be the effective one as well for the entire students. Apparently, that was totally wrong. The effective way for someone was not necessarily to be effective way for the others. I must be aware about it and I should be more wise in teaching in the future. The workshop also encouraged us to create active learning in the class.

In the rest of the day, I dealt back with my PhD stuff in the Lab.

Thank you very much for the day ya Allah. I love you as always !


  1. al arobiyah lughotul sahlah than english cak 🙂 tapi saya masih penasaran bagaimana cara menulis bahasa inggris yang baik juga. gimana?.


  2. Asyik iki, banyak dosen dosen yg menganggap mahasiswanya kayak robot, dikasih tugas seabrek melebihi kemampuan mahasiswanya hahaha..


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