being exams Invigilator for the sake of money

It was Monday (20/05/2013). It was the first day of spring examinations. I took a part in the examinations as an Invigilators. I did, for the shake of money. I will be paid £8 per hour of Invigilating. However, I really learnt fruitful experience during the examinations.

The examination was held In University Sport Center, at the University Park campus. It was in very large hall, that is actually basket ball field. I worked in team with some British People. I bet they were retired people over 60 years old and the invigilation was simply their for fun side Job. In the team, there was an examination chief, a  lead invigilator, and some assistant invigilators. I was one of assistant invigilators. I really enjoyed and appreciated very much worked with them.

They worked very professionally. They had come to the place on hour before the exam, and 45 before the exam everything has been ready. The attendance card, the question booklet, as well as the answer sheet have been put on the table. They are also very nice, friendly, and helpful. They always smiled to me. They noticed that I was a new Invigilator. They kindly explained to me what I should do during the exam in very-very detail. They pleased me to sit at a reserved seat for the invigilators.

The students were allowed to enter the room 15 minutes before the exam started. They must switched off their mobile phone and put it into their bag. The bag must be put behind the examination desk of the room. There were only ball point and related stationary allowed on the table. However, they were still allowed to bring a bottle of water, and not annoying food e.g. banana and chocolate.

During the examination the students were very quite. I collected the signed attendance card on their desk. I must be very vigilant during the exam, to make sure that there was no misconduct in the exam. I must accompany the students who willing to go to the Toilet and wrote the time on their answer sheet. I also provided additional answer sheets for those needed to. For the international students, they were allowed to bring English to Their Mother Language dictionary. English to English dictionary was strictly prohibited.

Exactly when the time was running out, the students must stop writing. They must keep seating in their seat until we finished collecting both the question booklet and the answer sheet. An interesting thing to be noticed was they should seal their name on their answer sheet. It was in order to guarantee that the examiners or markers did not the name of the student whose answer sheet they were marking.

It was my first time working with British People. I must admitted that they were very excellent and very professional in working.

I had another examination invigilation in the evening. It was in very special room in Engineering and Science Learning Center. The room was specially prepared for student with special need or disability such as epilepsy and Dyslexia, which  is difficulty in learning to read fluently and with accurate comprehension. They are given more times than normal students and they are also allowed to take a break during the exam. It was so surprising me for me, how British people very aware about the students with the special needs. It was a great thing, very good model to be implemented in Indonesia.

In the rest of the day, I wast just in the Lab. dealing with my PhD stuff. Thanks God for today. Thanks for the fruitful knowledge and fruitful experience.


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  1. Wah sangat profesional dan disiplin yak. Sampe kalo mau ke toilet aja di anter. Trus waktu ke toilet pun dicatat berapa lama. Huwow.


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