will be going to MISTA 2013 Conference


It was Thursday (16/05/2013). It was again raining and cloudy day.  I went to the lab as usual. I was learning on quantitative data analysis. I will conduct questionnaire survey, thus I need to analyse the data properly afterwards. It made me dealing back with statistic stuff and SPPS software.

In the meantime, I got very good news that my paper which I submitted for Multidisciplinary International Scheduling Conference 2013 (MISTA 2013) was accepted for oral presentation in the conference. Although it was not my first time that my paper was accepted for an International conference, it was very special for me. Previously, I had published my paper in three different IEEE International Conference in Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, and Taiwan. But, I thought it was more special.

Firstly, I thought MISTA was very specific International Conference, it only focused on Scheduling problems organised by the prominent experts in the area. It was quite different with other international conferences that usually cover very broad area such as International Conference in Information Technology/Information System. Secondly, it really bet my credibility in front of my supervisor. So far, I was really lack of confident. I terribly underestimated my self and It really nurture my confident back a little bit. Thirdly, the most important thing was I got very valuable feedback from the reviewer that will be very fruitful for my future research work.  Fourthly, for sure It will be great a chance for me to meet many other prominent researchers in my research area in the conference.

The conference will be held on 27-29 August 2013 in Ghent, Belgium.  It will be my first euro trip. It had been a long time ago I did hope to have a chance for free euro trip. And this conference, hopefully, will make it happen. I had some friends in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, and Dutch. I really wanted to see them.


By the way, in the evening I got free two different drink from my research group mates, i.e Cola, and Choc for my fasting  break. Thanks friends and God.


  1. cak shon, sampeyan jo lali mampir mrene, ngopi2 karo ngaji ndek Eindhoven.. lak cedhek seh belgia mbek kene


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