Traveling to Lancaster University for NATCOR Shortcourse


It was Monday (08/04/13). I woke up very early in the morning, because I had to travel to Lancaster for NATCOR Short course in Stochastic Modeling. NATCOR is National Taught Course Center in Operation Research. It was 5-day course held in Lancaster University Management School.  I felt very lucky, because my University paid me every thing (including registration, transportation, and accommodation fee)  for this course and other two courses in forthcoming months. For me, it meant free Traveling.

at 6.15 am I caught the bus from my house to Beeston train station. I arrived at Beeston train station 10 minutes later. At the station, I went to ticket machine to print out my ticket that I have booked online. It was 104 pound return ticket to Lancaster including the Plus Bus ticket.


The train departed at 07.15 from Beeston and arrived at Nottingham 07.25. I had to get off at Nottingham train station to change to another train leaving for Manchester Piccadely from Nottingham train station.


I had to wait for several minutes because the train would depart at 07.45.  I went to coffee shop for nothing, because I was fasting. I just took a seat and killed the time. Finally, the train came at platform number 6 and I got on the train at 07.40. It was East Midland train. It was a very fast and cozy train. The typical public transport services in the UK. There are much more  number of seats than the number of passengers.


The most enjoyable thing traveling by train was the country side scenery a long the journey. I also enjoyed reading in the train as well. However, since it was my first traveling to Lancaster the country side view from the train window was much more interesting and amazing.


Finally, I arrived Manchester punctually at 09.36 am. Manchester is very famous city in Indonesia. There are so many Manchester United football club fans in Indonesia. Thus, there are many many Indonesians really want to visit this city. At glance, Manchester is very vibrant city, it is the second largest city in the UK after London.


Here, I had to change to another train again, it was Tranpennine Express. It departed 09.46 from Manchester to Preston and arrived at Preston at 10:33 PM.


Again, from Preston I had to change to another train. It was Virgin Trains that departed from Preston at 10.41 am and arrived at 10:54 am. Finally, we arrived at Lancaster, a small city at West Northern of UK.


From the Lancaster train station I caught bus to the University of Lancaster. We traveled through city center before finally I arrived at  nearby country side where The University is located. It is located in the middle of forest and farming area where I could easily find a swarm of sheep and horses . It is so quite place to study.

I will be studying stochastic modelling with some prominent Professors at this school for 5 days. I met around a hundred other students from different nationalities attending this course. It is always great pleasure for me to know many new people from different culture and backgrounds. I got many new friends from Germany, Russia, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Egypt, Zambia, Nigeria and many more. Unfortunately, I did not met student from my beloved country, Indonesia.

At the first day, we had a half day lecture series that ended at 05.00 PM. After the course, we stayed at the student hall around the campus. I felt like living in the middle of farming field in the very rural village in a random country. It is so quite place, indeed.


Hope I would have incredible stimulating and fantastic week in this University, then. Ammiin.


  1. Waaaaah… kayaknya aku jatuh cinta sama suasana di luar negeri yah. Sangaaaaat indah dan natural… It’s so organic in every parts..

    Kang nek urip ning luwar negeri, sholate piye ya? Akeh musholla atau kamar khusus buat sholat ndak ya? *this is my big problem when I worked at Bali many years ago*


    1. iya ndop, di UK memang sangat natural dan melestarikan tradisi.
      Tempat sholat disediakan ndop, sangat bagus tempatnya. No worries. kapan2 saya tulis di blog ya. hehe TQ


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