The bad day :Snow Windy Blackout , But Good News


today is Monday. I plan to bet at the lab at 09.00, but my eyes are still so heavy to open. Finally, I go to campus at 9.30. Oh my od, it is said to be Spring, but it is very terrible weather. It has been snowing since last night. It also very strongly windy with drop temperature -4 but feel like -14 C. The worst weather I have felt in this country.

I am escaping from snow when entering the Computer Science Building. Oh damn, the door sensor is broken. So, I must find another door. Entering the room, I feel so weird. Many doors are still closed and it is so dark. Apparently, when I sit on the chair infront of my PC I just realised that the electricity is off. We have blackout today. The first blackout, I have experienced during my stay in this University. The heater is also off. I have been waiting for about an hour, but the electricity still off. And it is said that it will be still blackout until in the evening.

I escape to Graduate Center, at Amenities building. Luckily there is no electricity problem there. When I open my gmail email, i get very-very good news, someone in tweeter mentioned me that the articel I posted in Kompasiana become a trending article. It is  really surprising me. Since it is my first time, I write my posting on Kompasiana and I feel my article is neither interesting nor well-written. When I check on the website out, apparently it has been read by more than 1000 visitors. Many other kompasianers also have left comment on my article. Since then, I have so many new friends from Kompasiana.

When I check my university email, Another good news comes up.  I get email from Aula Magazine editor, asking me for permition to publish two of my articles on Kompasiana, to be printed in Aula Magazine, the upcoming April 2013 edition. OMG, unbelievable. it was just two last days, I just felt very envious with one of my seniors. She has written some article in Magazine that is out of her research interest.  I thought that, she was too perfect compared to myself.


It will be my first time, my non-scientific article will be published in printed Magazine. Aula is very famaous Magazine published by the biggest islamic mass organisation in Indonesia, even in the world i.e. Nahdlatul Ulama (NU). Surely,  I am very happy to give the copy right of my articles to the Magazine. To be honest, I have very strong bonding with NU,  culturally and ideologically. Moreover, historically, this organisation was driven by Abdurrahman ‘Gus Dur’ wahid, my super Idol.

Thank so much for kompasiana, you are really my best recharging battery that energise me to Write. to make one of my dreams in the future: to be a good writer come true. It really encourage me to learn and learn again in good writing skill.

In the rest of the day, In the evening (07-09.00 PM), I attend a school seminar by Richard Stallman, delivering an interesting talks: Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks. I lost of my mood of research today because of blackout. But, I find my new energy to be a good Writer.

Thanks God for today!


  1. selamat ya kang. aku kok gak tertarik gabung kompasiana ya. soale menurutku kompasiana cuma membahas politik. haha. ternyata aku salaaah..


  2. selamat ya kang. aku kok gak tertarik gabung kompasiana ya. soale menurutku kompasiana cuma membahas politik. haha. ternyata aku salaaah..

    dino iki bejo tenan berati. langsung rong artikel mlebu majalah. huwow. nek wis dimuat aku tak golek majalahe ndik nganjuk ah..


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