Phd Life is #5

Phd Life is….

all about solving non-trivial puzzle

Day by day is just an ordinary day. One day means solely campus and home. But, the day just goes swiftly. Sometime, I want to run and jump to catch the sky. But, I am just crawling.

Anyway, It has been a long time ago, I do not make any contact with my former co-supervisor during my master study. Yesterday she contacted me. Apparently, she is at the very final stressful stage of her Phd in University of Melboune, and she asked me to make prayer for her. It is her 5th year and she will submit her thesis by next week. Yet, she is still working on re-writing and re-writing some sections and chapters. It reminds me that Phd is not an easy thing. She gave some advice, here:

“… i am not good. but some tips that I learnt is banykkan bersabar and be persistent”
” … at any point you feel its very hard to do something or you get bad comments from your supervisor, stay calm, realize your stress and keep on moving even at this final stage, i still have to re-write my sections and chapters!”

Yup, what she said is totally true. I think phd life is like solving difficult, non-trivial puzzle. Just like what the picture shown above. Phd life is analogically like suppose I manage to enter the labirin and I should find out the right way out. Without knowing the rule of thumb, the only thing I can do is  learning from my mistakes and keep moving. Surely, it is frequently, I goes to the wrong way and got stuck finally. If it does happen. I just return back to the earlier stage, realize my mistakes, discuss with my supervisor, learn and learn again, and I must keep moving on again and again.

Now, I am in the middle of  this long labirin journey. Although, I am not sure whether I am on the right way or not. But, I will never give up. Because I strongly believe that there is a right way there and surely I will find it out later. And surely I keep making prayer at each my single day and night, may Allah, the designer of this life,  would guide me and  give me a clue for this non-trivial journey. And make this journey as fruitful as possible for the future life.

Allahumma, yassir umuurona!. O ya Allah, please make easy all of my problems, Don’t give me a game unless you show me the clue to win it. Don’t give me a puzzle unless you show me deterministic algorithm to solve it.


  1. Assalamu’alaikum. Selamat Pagi Cak Shon,
    Salam kenal. Saya telah banyak membaca cerita sampean di blog ini mengenai kehidupan di UK. Ada yang saat ini masih menganjal pemikiran saya. Walaupun pertanyaan ini mungkin kurang tepat jika saya tanyakan di kategori artikel ini.

    Di UK, penggunaan bahasa sehari-hari kan British Style. Apakah ada kendala jika mengikuti pendidikan di UK tetapi kita hanya menguasai American Style. Untuk conversation sehari-harinya mungkin tidak terlalu bermasalah. Tetapi bagaimana dengan hal-hal yang bersifat formal. Contohnya pada saat membuat papers, reports, atau assignments.
    Belum lagi pada saat membuat papers/reports/assignments tersebut menggabungkan/mencampur adukan kedua style bahasa tersebut apakah akan menimbulkan masalah?.

    Mohon dishare pengalaman Cak Shon, dan mungkin jawaban ini juga dicari oleh sebagian orang-orang Indonesia yang ingin melanjutkan study di UK.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Best Regards,



    1. waalaikumsalam wr wbt.
      terima kasih banyak mas Budi sudah mampir di blog saya.
      Ok, insha allah akan share pengalaman saya. terima kasih lagi atas inspirasinya.
      Sukses selalu buat njenengan.
      cheer 🙂
      Cak Shon


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