that starts from here

…. there were times and moments in life, from which later on,  it extremely turnt your life, it redefined your Life a value,

When I graduated from my first-degree University, one of careers that I have not ever imagined to be is being a Teacher. In my mind that time is, that job was a very ridiculously low-income  second-class Job and exactly not a prestigious Job. And, I have never thought that I had a capacity to be a teacher since I did realized and defined my self as a bad public speaker, a bad motivator, and definitely I was not a good role-model. Attributes that should be posed by a good teacher.

Thus, it is just like what the majority of top class university’s  graduates dreamt of, I choosed to start my career as an Engineer in one of multi-national companies and lived in the capital city, the Jakarta, a symbol of highest-standard life in Indonesia. Until finally I arrived at a moment, I felt stuck with my Life, I felt stuck with very superficial and hypocrite of Jakarta life style. And I decided to resign from my Job and accept an offer to study for a Master degree abroad.

Accidentaly, my supervisor asked me to dealing with what I was afraid much of i.e. her students, as a Teaching Assistant. It is too difficult to define and imagine how nervous and very unconfident I was at that time. I just wanted to die at that time. But, accidentally too, I found a feeling that I have never found before. a feeling that I had looked for, for a very long time so far. a feeling that could elaborate what the ultimate of happiness was. Lately, I knew that feeling was called a passion.

Now, I am a teacher in a University and thanks God, I am very very happy with my Job. dealing with students is the ultimate happiness of me. My students are fountains of vigor that make my Life more live. When I dealt with them, actually I have never tought them but I have learnt many things from them. Thanks you very much my students.

to my students, I miss you guys badly.

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