Phd Life is #4

Phd Life is…

… all about working with your lovely supervisor(s).

Pursuing a PhD study, especially in the UK is totally differenet with pursuing Undergraduate and Taught Master Program. In the UK, as  Phd students, we have no class at all. It might be different case in the USA or other countries that require Phd Students to take some courses in advance, before conducting a research project. Phd Studies in the UK are all about conducting research project, writing up the results and finally publish the results, under tight supervision of your supervisor(s). In rather ridiculous words :p, a Phd Student is low-cost, even students pay for, research fellow to conduct ongoing research project in the University where your Supervisor(s) were. Hehe… but, it is not totally true and could be totally wrong.

Therefore, the role of a Supervisor(s) in determining the succesful of your Phd studies is extremely important. They who will ligitimate you, later on, whether you are eligible or not to be awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree. In other Universities, I heard that there is a strict requirement i.e. to publish paper in international journal to be a prerequisite of Phd degree.  I think Supervisor(s) in the UK, has very high confident to legitimate the capability of their students without making sure by a requirement to publish paper on the Journal. I think, It is quite make sense, because the majority of Universities in the UK is among Top 100 World-best Universities.

Since, later on, your Supervisor is the only determining Judges. It is very-very important to have a good relationship with your supervisor(s). Mantain a regular meeting (e.g. in weekly basis) is one way to secure your good relationship with your supervisor. Whatever happens, NEVER HIDE from your Supervisor ! Keep humble in front of your supervisor(s). It is very fine to admit that you are stupid instead of  to admit your self as very smart student. It is not fine, I think, to be pretending as a genius student in order to get applausible  impression from your supervisors. Think positively, all about your supervisors. Never underestimate them. Shortly speaking, Make your supervisor happy and make sure you are happy with them.

I have heard some students have failed from their Phd studies, not because they are stupid, even some are very smart students, but because bad relationship with their supervisors. It might be OK, to make your supervisors happy with your excellent interpersonal skills. Such as to be friendly and warm individual infornt of him/her, Inviting him/herto your party, give him/her special gift, or so. But unfortunately, I am not those kind of guys. I am not a good flatterer  :p and exactly I am totally bad in Interpersonal Skills (though, I have taken Interpersonal Skill Class, during my Undergraduate studies ;p). One of my friends ever  told me, one another secret to maintain good relationship with supervisors is by sending him/her “alfatihah” regularly after Shalat :D. I have tried it, and it looks work very well. at least, so far, my supervisor believe me to be one of his Teaching Assistants,  and my another supervisor have ever come to my office, gave me cake several days ago, and again, today he gave me a chocolate hehe…. and I ever gave him NOTHING ;p. They are very nice supervisor(s).

O.. Allah. I do Hope, I have a ultimately good relationship with my supervisor(s). Ammiin..

* ASAP Lab, while waiting my Java and Matlab Program running for thousands of data set*

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