Phd Life is #2

Phd Life is…

… when you must read tons of books and journal papers.

In the begining of phd life is reading, reading, reading …………….. and reading. For making sure we know very well the kowledge area we will be dealing with reading is the only solution. Just be happy dealing with unfamiliar words, formulas, mathematics symbols, and exactly complicated algorithm. My Supervisor said: I do not expect much in the first 6-months of your Phd Life. Just read, read, and read hundreds of books and journal papers. Intelligently, carefully and critically read and read. Then write down your critical analysis. Do not merely write what people have done. If you believe what you read is totally true, then you are dull (it is not what my supervisor said actually 😀 ).

My biggest question and what I am wondering is how to have critical thingking, in case I know nothing what I read. the rule of thumb in reading is just feel humble and believe your self that you are stupid. Thus, you must read more and more again..

Oh.. getting stuck with my reading materials.

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