I Tell you Story : My Bus is Sabotaged by a Nude Crazy Man

May, it only happen in Indonesia. A very bad story describing Hows bad public transport In Indonesia. A Scary Incident in a damned bus, a very bad public transport. Can you Imagine, how it can happen. A nude, a fully nude, crazy man sabotaged the bus driver that is  full with passenger?What will next happen, if the nude-crazy-man drive the bus, and we are the passengers. Fortunately, problem is solved!

On Sunday morning, In the end of October (31 Oct 10), I with my brother, Dik Hajir, make a trip from Jombang to Mojokerto. Then we manage to continue our trip from Mojokerto to Pasuruan. While waiting the bus proceed from Mojokerto to Pasuruan, that scary incident happened.

Talking about Public Transport in Indonesia, if you know the thing, perhaps you will never say or hear “Have a Pleasant Trip! ” , ” Have a nice Trip” . May this story telling you hows bad public transport in This country. “Bus Kuning” – a yellow bus, is the only “best of the worst” public transport serving trip Mojokerto-Pasuruan. It is small, hot, very dirty and very not comfortable bus. Obviously, there is no Air Conditioner, No proper Ventilation, and Full with passenger. It is also slow motion bus.

Just like other public transport in Indonesia, the bus is not only full with passenger, but in each single time it will full with beggar, illegal on- the-street singer,  and illegal seller  that makes the bus very crowded and very uncomfortable. And Finally, that the worst incident happened.

You know, When the bus manage to proceed, Incidentally, a man, that is mad, crazy, that is 100% fully nude ( you can see clearly his dick) enter the bus making a crowded. Even, finally the man sabotaged the bus driver. He tried to drive the bus. This incident make all passengers, especially women passengers scary and shout. Knowing they are in danger, including me in hurry all passenger try to get out from the bus.

Finally, fortunately problem is solved. The man can be trapped by some hunk mans!

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