Students : Sorry, Congratz and Good Luck !

Sorry for yet to be a good supervisor, Congratulation For your Graduation, and Good Luck for your Future !

[picture : my student at Final Year Project Defense]

This semester is my first chance dealing with Final Year Students. Actually I am not eligible for being a Supervisor, since then I was just co-supervisor. I was co-supervisor for those student having interest doing Final Year Project at Decision Support System and Business Intelligence System Lab. Officially,  I co-supervised 6 FYP students: Riska, Fajar, Anggoro, and Fajar under supervision Mrs Wiwik Anggraeni; Diah, Yosi, and Winda under supervision Dr. Mahendrawathi; and lastly, Roji undersupervision Mr Rully Hendrawan.

For those student, I deeply regret I was yet to be Good Co-Supervisor. That’s why I am so sorry for that matter. However, I glad that finally you can finish your studies very well, and tomorrow is your Graduation Day! Congratulation ! and Good Luck for your Future ! I am very sure you will get your very best at your future. Everyone of you is outstanding one!  The times of discussion with you are something that are fruitful for me. Keep In Touch !

In this post, I want to memorize at glance impression of you, such that One day, It will be something very nice to remember:

[1] Riska Asrina (number 2 from left), her project is in Knowledge Management, developed Automated Question Answering System and Ontology Driven Knowledge Base at Moodle e-Learning Management System. Simply, I can say that She is so Smart and Hardworking Student. She have been my Teaching Assistant for Business Intelligence course. She also can work independently and curious to learn something new. She is applying for being lecturer at my Dept. I think She is a high potential asset for this department. No wonder, She graduated with cum laude grade.

[2]Winda Zulfina (number 3 from left)

She was good student and hardworking student as well. graduated with cum laud predicate meaning she got greater than 3.5 CGPA. She was accepted in Samsung Electronic as Research and Development Center engineer ( my ex Office 🙂 ). She was doing final project on Fuzzy Logic algorithm for Water Pipe maintenance.

[3] Yossy Apriana (number 4 from left)

She was good and fast learning student. Doing final year project in modeling and simulating in hospital inventory .

Good Luck For you all Guys !

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