Friends:Good Luck Guys !

Friend comes and goes! However, whatever happens friend is friend! This semester some of my office mates leave this campus for pursuing his/her Master Degree abroad. Oh, nice ! but, I truly envy them since “Pursuing my PhD” is my dream in these close years. I just want to say Good Luck Guys!, and do hope you come back and see me again !

The first one is Tyas. She is my senior in my office, although actually She is younger than me. I knew her very well, this calm and humble girl was already fight for two years for getting her scholarship, and finally she got it. She got full Master scholarship at Industrial Management department National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. The thing I remember about her is, last year I and She in deliver Discrete Math in a team. This semester, I  am alone deliver this course. Oh.. So Sad !

The second one is Faizal. I knew Faizal and Tyas come in this office in the same batch. So, actually both of them are my seniors. Truly, I can say that He is my closest office mate. We always  sholat (prayer) together, especially for Dhuhur and Ashar. In Islam pray together is 27 times better than alone. He always available when I invite him to do prayer. This October 4th, This very tall guy will fly to Kumamoto Japan, his dreaming country for pursuing his Master at Kumamoto University. Good Luck Dude !

Amel is the second one from left hand side in this picture. Amelia is cheerful girl in my Office. She can make something ordinary be something extraordinary. She can make our silent office to Joyful place.  She is extrovert as well, the thing I like much from her. She went in the same place with Tyas for pursuing her master degree. Good Luck, Amel !

Andre Parvian, Raras, Amna, and Annisa are the others. I can see fruitful and different thing from each individual of them. I do hope it will be something that will be cherished. Thank you and Good Luck !

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