the 17 (seventeen) secret

Today is Friday, 17 th September 2010. I think it is very “good” day. Since it is Friday (mother of days for muslimeen in a week). The same thing for Seventeenth. 17 th birth day is special one. 17 is the number of rakaat all muslimeen pray in a day. 17 is the date of Independent day of my country. 17 is the date Quran is firstly delivered. For me, 17 What is it means?

Today is the anniversary of my marriage. For months ago is my marriage. Oh… the time went by swift. There are some significant changes in my Life. However, there must be laugh and cry in life, right? The thing make me laugh is the presence of my wife that kill my loneliness so far, and now she is pregnant in first trimester. Just like another new couple, It really make us happy, waiting for the presence of our first son/daughter. The thing make me cry is “No Need” insya Allah. For me, No need to cry for each single stage of this life, how hard it is.

Sometime, I wonder would I  make my happy family come true some day, later? But, firstly, we must define what happiness is . What is happiness, for you? this question remind me an inspiring movie : “The pursuit of happiness”. Obviously, everyone has his/her own definition. However, most of people define a happiness is having much money, glamorous fashion,  luxurious house and car, enjoying holidays at some prestigious places, having beautiful/handsome and sexy wife/husband and so far.

For me, happiness is when we can tie  a meaning in each single step of Life. For me, this life  is no more than a temporary stopover for next real life i.e. Hereafter.

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