CU Ramadlan, Happy Eidl Mubarrak 1431 H

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar ! Laa.. ila haillallahu Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar Walillahilhamdu. On Friday, Sept 10 2010, I and other muslimeen all around the world celebrate Eidl Mubarrak. After fully 1 month of Ramadlan, All muslimeen all around the world doing fasting, it is the time to celebrate, it is a time to deeply say thank you Allah, it is a time to apologize to each other.

This year there is something that is a little bit different in my Ramadlan and Eidl Mubarrak. Yes, with my wife, it is the thing. My wife have made my ramadlan and eidl mubarrak more meaningful. I have a friend supporting me giving my worship just for Allah. I can do more “Ibadah” and do it by “Jamaah” (together). Ramadlan is a month for contemplation, to contemplate whether our life so far, have been directed to the right destination? Allah shoul be our final destination. Thank you my wife for this fruitful moment.

“Mudik” or Going Back to Village is a tradition for all Indonesian during Eidl Mubarrak or Idul Fitri or Lebaran days, so did I. Usually, people spend about 7 days for holidays to celebrate Eidl Mubarrak at “Kampung” (Village). What about me? This year I have two villages. Firstly, I came to Banyuwangi, to see my parent, and secondly I came to Madiun to see my wife’s parents.

Nothing special for me this Eidl Mubarrak, only the happiness celebrate it with our beloved ones and share happiness with others. Another pondered thing is , this eidl mubarrak is I really enjoy “Ayam Kampung Bakar”  (roasted chicken) made by my Mother haha…. It is very very delicious Mom. Many Thanks you for my Mom. I do hope to see you agin Ramadlan and Eidl Fitri Next year Ammiin!

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