New Semester = New Spirit + New Betterment + New Hopes

There must be new challenges in Dealing with new students who “pay more” whose ” intelligent less” to my University. It is not easy to find “humble look” students with brilliant brain. The fantastic thing is : Now my campus parking area is like new car show room. What is going on with my University?

Finally, the semester break ends up! new semester, new academic year is started. Tomorrow is my first day dealing back with my student for delivering my lecture in the class. It is just like last year, I will be dealing with new students. It must be “Very Interesting and Challenging” dealing with something new i.e new people. I believe, every body is unique. Therefore, new students must be “entertained” differently. Actually, it is not easy dealing with new students. You know, they just graduated from high school, and now they must adapt with new learning style in University i.e learning style for adult learner that is quite different with teenage learner style in high school. However, It is challenging for me to accelerate them to cope with new culture in University.

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