Long Time : No “Top Up” For My Blog

Long Time : No

“Semester Break = Blogging Break”

Oh my God, I just realized: It has been very long-long time, there is no “Top Up” for my blog. Would’nt I be blogger anymore? Oh no, hopefully. “NO, Man!”. Blogging is a part of my life.Actually, last two months are my semester break. However, it means blogging break for me, haha :D. The time in which I do hope, I will be more productive blogger, actually make me be not productive blogger. I just realize that new semester will be started by tomorrow.

There is no reason to say that I have no idea to “top up” my Blog. Actually, there are many things left in my head that should I write in my blog. Actually, they are must be tranfered in my blog, since it is my personal knowledge management system.I should swear to my self, I will transfer them in this blog, even I don’t know when.

“was I too Busy?”I think “No”. But, the thing is I am not extraordinary man. Although, I have two months for semester break, If I am not mistaken, I have no time for spending for enjoying holidays.

Bellows are reasons, why I am not productive blogger anymore:

1. I am trapped with commercial blogging, to earn money with google adsense. (Someday, I will share my experience dealing with google adsense. Nice and fruitful experience are guaranteed :D)

2. I am People in Charge for: Decision Support System & Business Intelligence Labs, Research and Community Service in my Department.

3. This year, I am chairman for National Information Sysmposium that will be held on December 4th 2010 at my department.

Fortunately, This semester I will teach the same course for last year: Discrete Math. So, I just Improve what I have done last year. Since, last year

is my first chance to delive discrete math course.I do hope, this semester I will be succesfully deliver my lecture, for my National Information Sysmposium as well.

[updated from University of Pesantren Tinggi Darul Ulum Jombang]