The End of this Semester

Alhamdulilah finally, this semester ends up! There are many things are interested to be noted and should be fruitful learning for future step.

This semester I firstly  deliver course Introduction to Information System. It covers 4 credit hours, for three big  classes (60 students each). Since, it my first time, it is little bit difficult for me. However I still used my “freak” way, delivering this course in English.

Actually, I do hope I can enjoy my long holidays. Unfortunately, it is long holidays for my students, but not for lecturers, I do not have holidays aat all. As lecturer, many things must be done after semester ending. Research:  I have two research projects and I am people in charge to encourage and coordinate research activities in my department, Industrial Project: I am still bonded with IT Master Plan Project. National Seminar : I am number 1 people in charge for this seminar in the beginning of December. Lab Activity: I still have many final year project (FYP) students conducted in my Decision Support System and Business Intelligence Lab and absolutely I should advice and coordinate them.  However, in my own way I can skip all theses stucked jobs  to enjoy my holidays, hahagh!…


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