Student Paper Contest : Nurturing Student Critical and Analytical Thingking

Being University student is not the same as college or professional academy. One thing is they should able to write their idea, their thingkings in scientific writing. That is what it is called analytical and critical thinking. As University student they are expected to sensitive, critical, and responsive with their environment. That’s why some days ago In my Introduction to Information System course, I conduct “Student Paper Contest (SPC)”.  Each student is required to write a paper ( sholud aligned with IEEE format)  in the topics: Emerging Technology and Emerging Issues in Information System.

I very sure in each lecture, there must be student assignment. But, in this lecture I try something different, I try contest instead assignment. Just like another contest there must be winners. So, I sure it will motivate more  the students.  They will try their very best compete with others to be the best one. Absolutely, the winner, the best one, will get certificate, and prizes. In this Student paper contest they are not only required to write, but also required to deliver oral presentation. Only the best ten students of more than 300 students will be given great opportunity to deliver oral presentation.

I am happy with this SPC, since I knew my student showed their ability in scientific writing, analytical and critical thinking, although they are still in first year in this University.  In my humble opinion, it is effective way, to boast their writing, analytical, and critical thinking. The most important thing is to nurture academic habit such as citation, no-plagiarism culture, and how to write effectively.

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