My Deepest Condolence of H. Iskandar’s Passing

“Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rojiun”. Everything comes from Allah and will back to Allah. Each single thing that is alive will die.

There is happiness and Sadness in Life. There is lough and Tears in Life. There is birth and  death in Life. That’s Life. That’s the secret of Life. Everything happens mysteriously. Even, we do not know what will be happened by tomorrow, we do not know whether we will be happy or sad. Life is really unpredictable and uncontrollable. Because we are controlled by the highest -level controller, that is Allah.

Today, May 12 2010, in the end of the day.  When the twilight fades and night is emerging. I am truly saddened by H Iskandar Death. I still heard his voices yesterday, but today He passed way forever. H Iskandar is My Rented-House Father. Where for more than 6 months I lived in. He was more than my Rented-House Father, but also teacher for me. I used to be taught by him, “Lecturing Kitab Kuning” in each time after Maghrib Prayer. He lectured me about Hadith and Fiqih ( Law in Islam). This “Kitab Kuning” lecture will be getting more intensive in Ramadlan Month. I really can not forget this fruitful memories with Him, it will always remain deep within my heart.

I can not say anything, but express my deepest condolence for his passing away and My sincere thoughts and prayers are with you H Iskandar.  I realy feel evanescence of you. Bon Voyage ! Allah blesses you in your second Life! May Allah forgives all your mistakes and May Allah give your  eternal rest and may your soul rest in peace.Amminn.

With deepest sympathy,

Cak Shon


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