Looking For A Better Education For Future Leaders For Indonesia

65 years, I think  it is not young anymore for a nation. However, Education Problem in my Country have not found its clue. I am thinking of  “Character and Mental Education For Future Leader of Indonesia”. Is It the answer?

As lecturer in University, I can not stop taking a part at least to think about the future of education in Indonesia. Why Education? Because, I believe “a better eduction” is the only thing can make “a better future” of this nations. Only a better education can make this nation moving from stupidity, from drop behind condition. Only a better education can cut the poverty chain.

Surely, I am not the only one thinking about education. We have ministry of education, governmental department in charge regarding this education matter. However, I think education needs everyone participation and everyone awareness. Unfortunately, many education policy in this nation is strictly determined by Government. In which, I am rarely happy with Government policy such as National Examination as the only one measurement to judge whether a student pass from school or not. I never think it is a tool to make a better education, only the one who can not see the fact, who said like that.

The fact showed national examination make a scary. The scary make everyone including students and teachers to do everything, even the worst thing, to cope with. It is public secret thoroughly in this nation, the scary of national examination trigger massive fraud, even the worst academic  fraud, in the schools. Student is cheating, Student is helping another student, even the teacher is helping the student during national examination is common fraud happens in each national examination held.

If, that’s the matter, we can conclude that Education in Indonesia only teach Dishonesty to the students. It is very bad mentality, isn’t it? Can you imagine what will this nation to be in the future? If everyone taught Dishonesty in his school.

So, what is a better education for this nation?

In my humble opinion, the education in Indonesia so far is not good news for me. Concisely, I can say that the education only make student to be mark oriented, and student is prepared to be worker. The same thing, for education system, frequently educator and government only adopted from another developed country such as Student Centered Learning, Competency-Based Learning, and whatever.  However, it still does not answer the problem, because it is lazily taken from country that is strongly different in culture, characteristic, and mentality from Indonesians.

I am dreaming a better education system that can built good mentality of student such as integrity, honesty, critical and analitical thingking, hard working, problem solving and decision making, confident, self awareness, proactive attitude, etc.  NOT ONLY student with CGPA 4.0 but apatis and opportunist. I am hoping a better education system that can make student to be future leader, future agent of change NOT future worker and follower.

It is not easy thing, but it doesn’t mean impossible. As a lecturer, I dare my self to think out the box. Dare to try something new, that is unusual things. Just for sharing, two weeks ago, I tried something new in my class. I tried a simulation what I called “Executive Meeting Role Play” instead of ordinary lecture. In this role play my students  in a group pretended  to be CEO,  CIO, CKO, HR Manager, Finance Manager, SCM Manager, CRM Manager, PR and CSR manager, Manufacturing manager held a meeting to discuss the given business problems of their imaginated Business Organization. In my humble opinion, it is very good to stimulate them to have  a good leadership skill, poblem solving, decision making, analitical and critical thingking.  At least, it is interesting method to cope with saturation giving oral presentation and lecture in front of class 😀 (What a Lazy Lecturere I was :p )

Keep Fight ! The Education In Indonesia ! It is very challenging for me, deal with education developement In this beloved country. I do hope I can take a part ( I don’t care how little it is) in it .


  1. 1 hal yg sy lihat bhw banyak orang2 muda yg merasa berpendidikan tinggi tp kmrn kurang bisa menghargai rekan kerja/bawahan mereka yg mungkin kurang beruntung tdk bisa mengecap pendidikan tinggi, pdhal dlm dunia kerja n dlm bermasyarakat bkn berarti yg kurang berpendidikan akan selalu kurang bijak (walau banyak jg yg memang berwawasan sempit), terkadang yg pendidikan tinggi malah kalah ‘pengalaman’dg yg kurang pendidikan lho mas 🙂


    1. indeed, setuju mbak. Pendidikan formal bukanlah segala2 nya. apalagi model pendidikan kita yang tak ubahnya pabrik manusia2 working class dengan kemampuan yang dipaksa seragam. I do believe, para pembelajar sejati dari alam dan kehidupan itu sendiri bisa lebih bijak memandang hidup dan kehidupan ini. apalah artinya pendidikan jika hanya menjadikan seperti layang2 di ibukota kata Rendra.


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