My “Walimatul ‘Urs” (Wedding Party) Invitation

Dear All :), Cordially, I  request the honor of your presence  and/or  best wishes to our “Walimatul ‘Urs” (Wedding Party) that will be held On :

Date : Tuesday, May 18th 2010

Time : 10.00 AM – 01.30 PM

Venue : RT 09 RW 04, Ngadirejo, Wonoasri Madiun (Mr Sadikun House)

RSVP : 0857 3295 7873

Finally, the time is coming up !  The time,  I decide my Sweetheart to be my Wife.  The time, I choose the lucky girl, that will be always in my side, the girl that will be firstly I see, when I open my eyes in the early morning, the girl that will be always supports and encourages me  to lead the rest of this life. It is the right time. The time, I choose a woman to be a mother of my future sons and daughters. It is not easy decision actually, but I just strongly believe GOD never makes mistake in deciding His decision.

Perhaps, you wonder Who my girl is? Intentionally, I keep it secret (the name) until that Day.  So, please come come to my wedding party :).  However, I knew some of my “close” friend know her very well. FYI, I firstly met her, at pesantren Darul Ulum Jombang (an islamic boarding school). She was my Junior, at my high school.

Finally, the long  journey finds its final destination. The long journey of my love, that is very-very complicated. I have been lough and dropped  more than one litter of my tears, because of Love. However, there is a time when love must choose its right, and I do hope She is my right love destination, I do hope She is the only my Mrs Right.

Next year, I have another dream. I can live together with my wife at Nottingham, UK, while  pursuing my Ph.D in Information Technology, School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham, UK. Life together with my little happy Family.

At this very special moment, I do hope you all to give your best wishes to us !

I am very sorry, it is intentionally held not in weekend :). Because, I am married officially in Islam,  but traditionally in Javanese culture, and that day is the “best” day refers to my parent in-law that strictly hold Javanese Culture.

My Prayer :

Ya…. Allah!
make our marriage blessed marriage.
marriage that will open the doors of grace for us, our families and the people
marriage that will complete my Islam.
furnace where we forge patient and gratitude
school where we can learn to grow up
the way for us to reach Your love

Ya…. Allah!
forgive us for our sins
forgive us for our mistakes
straighten our intention
purify our hearts
reinforce our determination
Guide us
protect us from all deception from incubus
so we can take this new path, to reach Your blessing

Ya Allah!
Grant us  spouses and  offspring as  lifelong sweetheart for us
and make us leader for the people who devoted their life for You

Thank you.


*) Additional Ceremony :

1.”Akad Nikah” Ceremony , Monday 17th 2010, at Ngadirejo, Wonoasri, Madiun

2. “Tasyakuran Ngunduh Mantu” Ceremony, Saturday 22nd 2010, at Plampangrejo, Cluring, Banyuwangi


  1. Dear pakcik..

    Barakallahu laka wa baraka ‘alaika, wajama’a bainakuma fi khair.

    selamat atas pernikahan kedua mempelai,
    wah, boleh dong nanti kenalan dengan nyonya mukhlason 🙂 🙂
    biar nanti bisa pkk bareng,,

    mohon maaf ya tidak bisa datang,

    teriring do’a dari negeri bunga tulip
    (sedang banyak tulip sekarang)


  2. omg! congratulations again sir!
    on your wedding and on you future ph.d life in UK with your future beloved wife. hehe. ^^

    may Allah bless both of you..ameen.


  3. Assalamualaikum wr wb..

    Dear Mr.Mukhlason and Mrs.Mukhlason(wanna be)..
    Congratulation for both of you! 🙂
    Wish u a Happy, Sakinah, Mawaddah, Warahmah Family..:D Amiin.

    Let’s Party for DSS Army.


  4. Jare tradisional jowo, tapi undangane kok nggawe bahasa inggris 😛

    Selamat cak Shon. Teko gak teko sing penting dungane. “Barokallulaka wa baroka ‘alaika wa jama’a bainakuma fi khoir”


  5. finally the invitation has been published 🙂
    hopefully I could come to your party
    congraulation for both of you
    may Allah bless your wedding 🙂


  6. assalamualaikum…

    barakallah… selamat bwt cakson yg akhirnya menemukan soulmatenya… mudah2an bisa membangun rumah tangga yang samara berdua, saling mendukung, saling mengisi kekurangan masing2, dan bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat… amiin…



  7. slmt ya cakshon, smg diberkahi Allah SWT selalu dalam mengarungi hidup berumah tangga..
    melanjutkan you know me lah: kapan pesta bujang bro :))


  8. Wow, congratulations Cak Shon…
    May this wedding be the beginning of a union that will last a lifetime..
    N, Nottingham will be a great place indeed for your little family. Will let u know the best places to visit 😉


  9. Alhamdulillah…Finally both of U get finally decision… long time I’m waiting for this time…And now I can see greatness of Alloh for U’re relationship hahaha
    I hope Both of U have a SAMARA family and Ur Ph.D program will be success when she beside U….
    Amiin….. *Terharu mode ON


  10. congratulations for pak mukhlason..iam deeply touch by your words in this post ;(, touch by pure happiness… 🙂 semoga smua doa yang dipanjatkan didengar dan dikabulkan. amiinn…raise ur dream pakk!! jia you…^o^


  11. Dear Mukhlason,

    I am happy for u. May Allah bless this marriage. Tahniah & Insyallah moga berkekalan dunia akhirat. Ameen.


  12. ooopss (woot)!! speechless and *stunning*

    congrat’s sir! (applause) we read this invitation together..
    “wow so sweet”.. hope you and your *sweetheart* live happily ever after.. kekekeke

    we heard, that you will move to UK.. don’t forget to send special gift from UK to us (LOL)..

    if we come! then, don’t forget to give us “A” grade for PSI class.. (^w^)wkwkwk

    best regards, laili – julia – opik – rozy


  13. akhirnya……

    syukuri akan nikmat yang begitu melimpah dari nya…
    karena memang terbukti lelaki baik-baik akan mendapat perempuan yang baik-baik pula..
    dan saiia yakin yang menjadi pilihan cak son pastilah yang terbaik menurut cak shon..

    i hope your dreaming will come true..

    selamat menempuh hidup baru Cak.. =D


  14. alhamdulillah…Barakallahulaka barakallahu’alaika. Wajama’a bainakuma fii khairin
    selamat ya cak son, smoga menjadi keluarga samara..
    mohon maaf tidak bisa hadir di madiun..
    huhu sakjane cedhak omahku 🙂
    teriring doa dari jauh ..


  15. kok dirahasiakan nama mempelai perempuannya??qta,kan jadi penasaran,pak…
    ^^ jangan lupa diupload foto pernikahannya,ya..
    semoga barokah dan cepat diberi adek2 kecil…^^


  16. dear my beloved lecturer.
    selamat a-soon-menempuh hidup baru. wah wah, saya berharap bisa datang untuk memberi selamat secara langsung pak. 🙂
    semoga menjadi keluarga sakinah mawaddah dan warohmah dengan karunia buah hati yang sholeh dan sholehah. selamat berbahagia …. 🙂


  17. Barokallahulaka wa baroka ‘alaika wa jama’a bainakuma fi khoir..

    Congrats sir, well I’ve no words for you, wish you the best…


  18. Cak Shon,

    Selamat menempuh hidup baru ya. Semoga menjadi keluarga yang sakinah mawaddah warrahmah. Tahun depan ke UK? Ketemuan yuk 😀


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