the secret behind my signature

To tell you the truth, it refers to a girl named : May, Dewi Mayasari Huehe….

Have you got my formal Signature? It is very cool right :D. Right now, I have two signatures : the first one is the formal one as I signed in legal formal document, and the second one is the informal one, but it is the most commonly-used one that is the arabic version of my name : “mukhlason”.  May I was the only freak one in this world having two different signature use commonly.

I am telling you here my formal signature one. I signed it for my ID Card, for my degree certificate and for my any legal formal document. As shown in above-figured picture, it is my signature. It looks so weird and strange, right? It doesn’t indicate my name at all. There is a secret behind this Signature. Bellow is the story:

When I was young and I was senior high school student,  I am firstly deeply fallen in love with a girl. She was  not too beautiful, but she was too special for me since in the first sight. Apparently, She knew that I love her, and  I knew from her  body language that she had the same feeling. But, this kind of love feeling is never revealed. But, this kind of feeling is never told.

I firstly met her in welcome ceremony in my school, and I lastly met her in the farewell ceremony out my school. Between in and out school, there are so many unforgetable nice stories in my mind.  I dont know why, she is so very special for me, since I first met her. She is a girl come from Papua (but, actually his father and mother is javanese and sundanese respectively). There is story when we were in one class. In that class,  although we were  in different desk, but we  intentionally sat in the same chair. She wrote for me, and I write for her. We were in the “lucky” school that  time, Our school is in pesantren i.e. islamic dormitory, in which relationship between guys and girls is strictly prohibitted.


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