When That Day is Getting Closer

So I say a little prayer
And hope my dreams will take me there
Where the skies are blue
To see you once again, my love
Overseas from coast to coast
To find the place I love the most
Where the fields are green
To see you once again, my love

To hold you in my arms
To promise you my love
To tell you from the heart
You’re all I’m thinking of

I’m reaching for a love seem so far


Life and Love, two things that are hardly can  be separated.  Even, our first ancestor : Adam and Hawa (Eve), met in this world because of Love. Because of love, we can feel this world beautifully.

When did I firstly, know Love?

Love from my Mom and Dad, definitely.  My grand father, grand mother, siblings, and from all my families that show me the meaning what love is. When, I was teenager, I knew love from my friends, I knew love from my teachers. Then, when I was guy, I was firstly knew love from my girl friend. That’s the most memorable thing in my life. That’s when I firstly fallen in love with my girl friend. Oghh… that was what it was beautiful love.

Sometime, I can not differ between Love and Sexual desire. But, then love frequently comes and goes on, while  life keeps on  flowing away.  Eventually, I knew that Love is not always  as beautiful as what we think about it. Finally, I realized that our lover doesn’t always around us, that our lover doesn’t always beside us when we need it, and Love will be always be Love.

Is It the True Love?

Now, I am man. I am not teenager or guy anymore.  I have chosen a girl for my life. A girl that will be always in my side starting from next month. A girl that will share her life with me. A girl that will be my Life-mate to live this rest of my life. A girl that will make a family with me. However, I still wonder whether She is the right one, whether she is the best one for me, whether I sincerely love her? I do not fully know about this feeling. I just believe, God never makes mistake in giving me something.

I am happy, but I am afraid.

Leaving from single status to married status is questionable for me. I have been accustomed to lead this life lonely. I am not sure whether share with other to life together, even to share everything together is easy for me.  I am not sure, whether I will be a good lover, a good friend, a good husband, a good father, a good leader at the right time for my wife and my family. The thing that I hold tightly is I Just “believe”. I just believe that Times will teach me.  I just believe God will guide me.

Oh Ya Allah, Barakallahu Lana. Rabbana Hablana, min ajwajina wadzuriatina quraata a’yun waj’alna lilmuttaqina Imaman.

Ya Allah Bless Us !  Oh God make my wife, my children, my family a happiness  for us ! Make them a pearl in my heart and eyes! that will make us getting closer to you, that make us getting better in loving You, not its “vice versa”.  Because I know, You and only you the ultimate love of love Ya Allah….. You are the final destination of this love,  in this life and life after this life.

Thank you Allah. Alhamdulilah 🙂 for this Love. I am waiting for that day and the days after that day.


  1. Cieeeeh.. romantis banget :d
    Cincinnya keren juga, jangan lupa undangannya ya 🙂
    Semoga persiapannya lancar ya.


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