Jatim Park : The exotic of East Java Indonesia Culture and Nature

Rarely, I can enjoy my holiday even in each my single weekend.  Many things want to do, in my very-very limited  time, make me sacrifice my holidays for doing activities that I think it is much more important. Usually, I always go out  city Surabaya, Fortunately, I am yet to be having family that set me free to do what I want to do.

Thanks God last weeks i.e. April 4th 2010, finally I can enjoy my unplanned holiday :D. Actually, I just want to see my little brother for a while in Malang. However, accidentally my room’s keys is left in Malang, and the worse case is I just realize it when I have been in Jombang. Hardly, I have to come back to Malang. From Malang, I plan to go to Sampang Madura. But, I realize that am not Superman and I do not want my body is dropped. Finally, I decide to enjoy my holiday in Malang :p i.e. Jatim Park, Batu Malang. Herewith, I am telling you about this nice place.

Jawa Timur Park ( East Java Park ) is located in Batu city, it is nearby from Malang city. It is about 1 hour trip by using public transport. From Malang you can take “Lyn” (it is van-like public transport)  with destination to Landung Sari Terminal ( I mean terminal here is Lyn station), its about 15 minutes. You will be charged Rp. 2.500 ,- . From Landung Sari Terminal, you must take another “Lyn” to Batu terminal. Just ask to anybody in Landung Sari terminal which lyn will proceed you to Batu terminal. It is pink-colored one. You will be dropped in Batu Terminal, and be charged Rp. 2.500. From Batu terminal, unfortunately there is no public transport taking you into Jatim Park. But, do not worry, you can reach it by on foot while enjoying the fascinating nature of Batu. Batu is highland with comfort and cool temperature making you joyful to inhale fresh air here. I can make you sure, it is joyful trip by on foot. Moreover, if you come with your lovely friends.

To enter this Jatim Park, you will be charged Rp. 45.000 ,- in weekend and holidays (Friday-Sunday) and Rp. 35.000 ,- in Workdays. I think this charge is affordable and worthy with the facilities are given. What kind of facilities that Jatim Park offers? Herewith,  I am telling you. Generally, Jatim Park offers two kinds of facilities i.e. learning and recreation. For learning facilities, Jatim park provide what I called Cultural Outlet from all around Indonesia,especially from East Java. Have a look and enjoy bellows pictures! It is wonderful outlet for those interesting to know and learn about Indonesian culture.
Jatim Park
In this picture are I and my twin brothers : Andrew and Hajir 😀 . Have a look at us ! We are so happy, right? In this cultural outlet instead of getting valuable information behind this respective local heritage, you can take your picture for free. It is wonderful objects for those loving photography and art.
Jatim Park

Jatim Park

What make us  interesting here is the cultural outlet not only show you about traditional dress, but also how the way of Life. For instance how Javanese People cook their food traditionally.

Jatim Park

Jatim Park

Not only all about cultural, Jatim Park also offer learning facilities what it is called Science Outlet. In this Science Outlet there are many fundamental concepts in physics, biology, mathematics, and chemistry are explained easily and very-very interestingly. Such as theories about sounds, acoustics, mirror, anatomy, algebra, viscosity theory. You can learn by playing it.

Jatim Park also provides Flora and Fauna Parks such as Bird and Reptile Park that I think the collection is complete enough. For recreation,  Jatim Park provides many interesting playing zone that i think it is compareable with Dunia Fantasi at Jakarta. The most interesting playing zones for us are Pipe House and Ghost house. It is very excited playing zone that not easy to be forgotten. Swimming Pool also provided inside Jatim Park. For those interest in Culinary, Do not worry you can find East Java Food with affordable price here. For those Muslims, there is good, clean and wide enough mosque inside for you for praying while enjoying your holidays. Two thumbs up for the mosque, I can make you sure, it is not like mosque in shopping center in Indonesia.

In the end of your journey in this Jatim Park, you can buy many exclusive souvenirs and gifts with very cheap and affordable cost. Most of them are fine art souvenirs. Many kinds of snack and special food made from fruits are available here. traditional apparel such as Batik are also available. Apple, the trademark fruit of Batu Malang, you can buy it at lower cost.

I think Jatim Park is right choice for you to run away for a while from your tedious daily activities, to recharge your energy, to refresh your mind befor going back to your daily activities. See you then, at Jatim Park Batu Malang. Bye…. !!

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