love and its mysterious story

Have you ever fallen in Love?
Once wake up, then you fallen again in the same hole.

I am speechless and my tongue is stiff talking about love. My brain is dumb thinking about love. But, I can feel it. However, this feeling of Love is the most unreasonable and uncontrollable thing in my Life. When I was deeply fallen in this hole, I was feeling my body is half-ly died. There is nothing want to do, but listening my own heart beat. Love is a couple of sweet and bitter. To love someone is everyone’s right, but to be loved is not your right. Frequently, I manage to go away from Love trap, but frequently I am trapped and fallen again and again.

When, I was fallen in Love hole, and I knew that I can do nothing, but just feel it. I like to sing  a song entitled ” and it is impossible”.

Oh Love, Your face, Your heart, and everything about yourself
It  always be in my heart

Since the first sight
I know that feeling
but I could not
to pick you

And there is no way for me
to reach your love
though feeling in my heart
want to own you

May, love must be sacrificed
even have to wait forever
I know …
you’re not for me.

I do not know, when this love will find its final destination. Should I die first to find my true love?

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