SPRITS: a Discrete Math. Project

*) Noval, Tommy, Yonatan, and Rodhin in SPRIT Team after presenting their project (140310).

Did you know Discrete Math? did you think it is  all about knotty and unimplementable formula? Please rethinking  about it! 😀

Talking about Mathematics, I am very sure most of you feeling not happy, isn’t it? but, what about discrete mathematics? Actually, Discrete Mathematics is not merely about knotty formula and damned number. It discuses more on  how to think logically.

Discrete Math.  is a fundamental subject for first semester, first year students in Information System Department. It is fundamental concepts for those will deal with Programming.  Someone whose low logical thinking skill, will have difficulty to be good programmer. It is also fundamental concept for computer science related subject such as operating system, database system, and information security.

Despite of how the important this course, however it is not easy to make student happy and easily understand with this course. For me, it is a tickling challenge for my self last semester , although it was my first experience delivering discrete mathematics after more than 5 years not dealing with it. Last semester, I managed to make discrete math is easy for students and make them happy dealing with discrete math. For instance by game and simulation. The fact shows that it effectively make them more easy to understand difficult concept such as recursion theory. By using “Buble Sort” and “Hanoi Tower” game and simulation, Recursion theory is easier to be grasped by students.

Another important thing is How to convince students that Discrete Mathematics is applicable and useful in our daily life. We have group-based  final project in the end of this course. Since the purpose of this course is to train their logical thinking skill, Prolog, a logic-based Artificial Intelligence is adopted to be their final project. They must develop a simple expert system for daily life problem. In expert system there is an important part, what it is called Knowledge Base. Rule based knowledge base is easily can be developed by using discrete math. concepts i.e. Logics.

Apparently, some of my student final project is acknowledged and appreciated by our Head of Department and team by giving an opportunity to present their project in front of students’ parent and lecturers’ committee in order with parent gathering and graduation ceremony in our department. They are Tommy, Noval, Yonathan, and Rodhin in one team and Andhika & Fashel in another team.

Tommy et. al. presented SPRITS (Sistem Pakar Pencari Angkot Otomatis), it is an expert locator system for public transport in Surabaya. For those foreigner that first come in Surabaya, may this SPRITS will help you. Andhika & Fashel presented SIPUK(Sistem Pakar Pembuat Kue), it is expert system for Recipe Recommender System. For House wives that confuse with what they should cook today, may this SIPUK will help them.

How this SPRITS work, basically can be explained by Figure bellow:

Although, it is just their first semester they have given something for their daily life problems. Four thumbs up for my students!! Go ahead for better Innovation.


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