Boss ! you make me really confuse :(

Have you got problem in your work place? I am sure everyone got it.  But, now I got problem with my Boss. Not serious problem actually, but it really makes me unhappy, makes me confuse, makes me less motivated. So far, I am very happy with my Boss. He is so visionary one, having very good and strong  strategical and managerial  decision making. But, lately, I am barely happy with him.

The root of the problem is all about his ambivalent decision. One time he said  A, in another time he said -A. In one time I know he is a well-planned decision maker, but in another time he is accidental decision maker. For me, it is harder than following Gus Dur thought. Ha ha…….

Here I am telling you what is the matter.

One day, he said to me regarding his vision to make this department to be internationally recognized. He planned this department of  this university will be recognized by south east Asian countries by 2014. To get there, He also placed the ability of students  in mastering international languages (especially English) in the second place of student profile competency better than technical competency in information system. But, when I managed to deliver my lecture in English and when my student starting to enjoy my English class, He managed to stop my English Class. He said it is not the time yet to deliver my lecture in English. Frequently, He warn me to stop my English Class. But, in not long other days, in special moment He awarded me as the best and most favorite  lecturer at this department.

One day, He encouraged me to have international reputation by having international publication. He promised will deliver me all around the world if I can bring this department name. The department will pay me for any international conferences. He convinced me by showing me more than enough unused money in this department. But, when my paper was accepted in IEEE conference, and the payment deadline was approaching. When I was asking whether the department will pay me, He said nothing. He gave me no comments.

One day, I was pointed to be one of organizing committee for national conference held in our department. He warn us to be not money-oriented conference, means that our main purpose is not to gain profit by this conference. But, for academic purpose only. He said, this conference will be fully funded by department and the income from the conference will be saved for enduring fund for this department not to cover the conference expense. Even, happily he will provide 6 blackberries for 3 best oral presenters and 3 poster presenter. But, when the conference is approaching he manage to make the conference expense as minimum as possible. He said we were unsuccessfully gained enough money from conference participants.

I think that’s all make me really confuse. But, I am afraid it is only all about my stupidity to understand well his decision.But, to be honest, it make me less being motivated. It remember me to someone. She is my senior in my department. At the beginning I was here. She did hope me to keep being motivated. She said while reminding me:  it is not easy to keep being motivated here. Now, I just understand what she means.

Hopefully, Tomorrow I will be still  having hopes , because the audacity of hope is the only thing make mo not surrender here !


  1. hahaha.

    sorry, I just can’t hold my laugh after reading this post even when i wrote this comment I am still laughing..u know what is the funniest thing about it?, it is that u just manage to

    well ok, lets get to the serious part, first of all I am sure its not only you who were confuse with him, as an ex-student there I know how just “extraordinary” this man is and I am pretty sure that a lot of people who knows him will think just the same , so don’t be so over think that you are the only who can’t understand him, keep the Spirit!!!..:)

    I’ll just share my experience with Him, back then before he was the head of the Department, he lead some of my friends developing department’s website, and this website will go University level competition and the winner will get a brand new notebook as the price, well i would say that it is went well and they won the price and as the leader of the team he is the one that will got the new laptop, but u know what? with Out saying any “thanks” to my friends he start to brutally criticize them in front of the class, he says that “the website is low quality, has no concept (yet he is the one who make the concept!), the team wasn’t good enough, etc”, but still he got the laptop while my friends got Nothing, not even a “Thank You”,.


  2. huahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    very nice story but not unique
    you will know if you get more experience with “them”


  3. 🙂 cakshon, I feel the same way as you do now.. I’m becoming less motivated seeing our boss inconsistency and sometimes irrational.. nonetheless, don’t make it as an excuse to go forward.. One day, things will be much better, be positive, okay dude..


  4. is it a start point to riot?
    Ill mobilize my troops west after upgrading their skills 😀 in Ayodya karto. And Ill join your movements


  5. Be Tough,Sir..!
    you`re not alone..
    many of us has the same feel.. especially who has made ‘face-to-face confrontation’ with him..

    it`s a fact that.. maybe,,
    sometimes there is someone who is “consistent in his inconsistency..” 😀

    May Allah keep Keep you Strong 🙂


  6. that is the funniest story that i’ve ever heard..

    this is not the first story that we heard
    but i think this the story from the lecturer 😀


  7. we know how ‘visionary’ your boss can be cakshon (oyex’s note maybe just one of it), just consider it as a little stone in the middle of your shiny path. be patient and don’t lose to it .. keep moving cakshon for your own sake and for our beloved alma mater 😀


  8. well, Sir… honestly I am the one of many student who are interested by your english class. I dont wanna it just gone in vain. However, it does because of you-know-who.

    It seems that I think what you think about the you-know-who. And I am so sure my friends have already felt it also since his first debut. He is so brilliant but trapped in his inconcistency without any rational reason. The one I never found the answer is why he act like that obviously?


  9. cak shon..!! oh speechless reading this. i was in the same situation before you came at our beloved department…. lalala =)

    jangan patah semangat, semangat nya nyari s3 aja.. hihihi


  10. assalamu’alaykum..

    hmm, accidentally blogging everywhere, here I am.. find my lecturer’s blog..

    whew, I think I often heard stories of this type, type of inconsistency of you-know-who.. but only different source..

    May Allah keep your spirit, Sir!


  11. Cak Shon,

    that man is become legends for his unique, ironclad and consistent inconsistencies. This post has taken his legends to the next level.

    I was often grumbling about him with all my fellow brothers and sisters in KMSI and wonders if the lecturer also feel the same as we do .

    now i know the answer, and cant help myself to blast my laugh 😀

    anyway, dont give up just because of this cakshon :), our campus need your kind of lecture.


  12. Assalamu’alaikum..


    sebagai mahasiswa, saya juga pernah merasa beliau seperti itu, tetapi ya.. positif thinking sajalah..

    Mungkin bapaknya sengaja, biar kita banyak berpikir (*sampe stress :p)

    positif positif positif.. 😀

    smangadh pak!


  13. haha…bapak itu emang ajaib…sabar aja pak…ndak selamanya bapak itu tetap disana..perubahan pasti ad..semoga menjadi lebih baik…keep fight pak!!!!


  14. U know the remedy? Just smiling, pretending nothing happen. Then u’ll be alright. It just making u thinking hard by yourself without any solutions. U know why? ‘Cause u can’t change him (maybe his mos is the only one that can do that, haha)!


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