Abu Dhabi : I am coming to you in the end of this year (wish me..)

Traveling oh Traveling. Hemm… sounds nice and great. I have a passion, one day I can travel all around the worlds. So far, I have only visited three countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Not bad, haha…. because many of my friends never traveling out this country :D.

Right now, I am half-dreaming. In the end of this year I can travel to Abu Dhabi, a capital city of Uni  Arab Emirat. One of the most prosperous oil exporter country in middle east countries. Why half-dreaming? because I have a great chance to travel to this city , Insya Allah hopefully.

Although, It has been a long time I have never writing any sciencitific paper, but actually  I have one unpublished paper. I have made this paper several months ago, and actually have been accepted in IEEE International Conference. But, I drawn my paper back because of payment problem. My payment is rejected by American Banks.

Another chance come to me again now, my paper is accepted in another IEEE International Conference namely: 6th International Conference on Innovation in Information Technology. The conference will be held on Al Ain UAE December 15-17 2009.  In this conference, insya Allah I will present my paper entitked : SWA-KMDLS: Enhanced e-Learning Management System Using Semantic Web and Knowledge Management Technology. I must be confident presenting this paper in the conference, because I get very good review from my paper reviewers. One of my paper reviewer said that my paper is Excellent work and outstanding technical content. I am happy with this matter.

But, unfortunately I am not sure yet whether my department will pay this conference for me. Pay for transportation  and accomodation during the conference. Hopefully, my department will. So, I can travel to UAE free, got any lnowledge from that prestigious conference.


  1. iseng baca tulisamu MuclSon.
    Gi gak bisa tidur.
    Kalau ke jakarta mampir. masih dikost dan kamar yg sama koq 🙂
    .anyway congratulation ya !!!


  2. Amin Cak Shon, semoga diberi kemudahan oleh Allah untuk dapat beasiswa untuk conference-nya. Aku cuma sempet mencicipi bandaranya doang…:)


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