When I manage to deliver my lecture in English.

… My English is not so Good. but I manage to try my best to speak in English….. it is just a little step for my University, ITS, to be world class University.

New semester (Gasal 2009)  just starting, and it is my second semester, being a lecturer at Information System Department, Faculty of Information Technology ITS. I am teaching two subjects : Discrete Math ( for 1st year 1st semester student) and Business Intelligence (for final year students). The things that make difference for this semester is I deliver my lecture fully in English. Although,  no one doing so before in my department.

I realize  that my English is not so good, but I manage to try my best to speak in English. I also very sure some of my students sneering on What I have done. But, I believe everything will be just fine. Let the time go and show the truth. Regarding my English that is not so good, I think it is so natural, that everything supposed to be hard at beginning, but by the time swift, it will be just fine. I believe that  my audacity to speak in English, will encourage me to improve my English to be getting and better, and I think the best way to be getting better and better is by practicing it.

Regarding my students, I think it is just about habits. They are not accustomed to use English yet. But, I believe by the time swift, everything will be just fine and they will enjoy it. I manage to communicate with them either in class or out class in English.    Sending short message and email as well.

Why English? I do not mean I am less in feeling nationality. But in today’s world, everyone should deal with everyone globally. and English is the key to be able to deal with globally all around the world.  Although English has been tought  to the students since their elementary school, but I am very sure most of them did not mastering English as medium of communication. So, it is the time they practice it. Hopefully, it is beautiful beginning for ITS to be world class University.

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