Surabaya : It not only tell u about Shark and Crocodile.


Surabaya Icon

“Surabaya … Oh Surabaya.. kota kenangan” it is Indonesian slang meant “Surabaya .. Oh Surabaya, the memorable city”.

Surabaya,it is a nice city located in east Java Indonesia. It is capital city of East Java province, the second largest metropolitan city in Indonesia. Surabaya is derived from two words “Suro” (meant Shark) and “Boyo” (meant Crocodile). That’s why the icon of Surabaya is a sculpture as above-mentioned.

Surabaya is a paradise for shopping holic. The most well known shopping center in Surabaya is Tunjungan Plaza (TP). You have not visited Surabaya until you visit Tunjungan Plaza. The popularity of this shopping center is endured in folksong :

Rek ayo rek mlaku-mlaku nang Tunjungan
Rek ayo rek rame-rame bebarengan
Cak ayo cak sopo gelem melu aku
Cak ayo cak golek kenalan cah ayu

above-mentioned lyric, each line accordingly meant: Guys ! let’s go to Tunjungan. Guys Let go together. Bro! anyone want to join me? Bro ! let us introduce to beautiful girl.

This warm city not only offer you shopping tourism. For those who love nature, in this city you can find the largest zoo in Indonesia called Surabaya Zoo. Thousands of any unique animal can be found here. For those who love History, anyone can not deny that Surabaya is one of important historical situs. Dutch old building architecture, can be found in this hero city. To endured the heroic moment, when Indonesian people struggling to defend Indonesian independent, on November 10 1945, in the center of this city is build a monument called “Hero Monument”.  For Religious tourism, you can go to Ampel Mosque. In this arabian urban surrounded place, located Sunan Ampel grave. Sunan Ampel is one of  early 9 Islam evangelists in  Java Island of Indonesia. Surabaya is also famous for its culinary tourism. Many kinds of delicious and affordable foods, can be found here. For dinner, there is a very interesting and joyful place called Citaraya. Citaraya is located in west part of Surabaya, it is developed real estate area . It is the Singapore of Surabaya. It is really comparable place to Singapore, but, it is in much more affordable cost.

For those who enjoyable in education traveling, any famous reputable Universities are also can be found here. For Engineering and technology you can visit Insitut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS). For medicine and economics studies you can visit Universitas Airlangga (Unair).

Want to visit Surabaya? Please contact me, I will be your nice guide tracing this metropolitan city. CU Then!


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