“keng ken baline !” : Bali the paradise island from Indonesia

gadis bali

Balinese Girl

“keng ken Baline !” it is a greeting from Bali meant “Apa kabar Bali” or “How are you Bali”.  BALI, I am very sure that you know Bali well. Bali is a famous Island for its beautiful land and its beautiful culture and local heritages in Indonesia. Yes, it is located in Indonesia. It is only one of 40 provinces in Indonesia and it is only one of hundreds thousands islands in Indonesia. Some foreigners said confidently: ” I have visited Bali, but never for Indonesia”. Hua ha… it sounds so funny, isn’t it? because Bali is just a little spot of Indonesia. When you visited Bali, meant that you have visited Indonesia.

I am sure many people from all around the world come and come again to this Island. Even, more than twice, better than me. I am Indonesian but I have only visited this Island for three times. Why people come and come again, there?  Although, I have visited Bali for three times, but I can not stop adoring this place. My last visit is On July 4th -7 th together with my big family from Information System Department, ITS, where I work in as a lecturer. It is really a big family, consisting of lecturers, lecturers’ family, employees, and employees’ family. We went there by three buses. We packed this visiting to Bali in a program named “family gathering”.

Not only its beautiful natural places such as beaches, forests, lakes, and lakes. But, Bali has its beautiful culture, local heritages, and people as well. Balinese people is those very little people who can survive with their own local  culture and heritages . The major religion (90%) of Balinese people is Hinduism. You can find thousand balinese temple there. In each house, village, and public place you can find it. Balinese people is also rich with their local heritages. You can enjoy many kinds of dances, performances, foods, handy crafts,  painting and more kind of artwork there.

I encourage anyone from around the world to visit Bali. I can make you sure you wont disappointed  spent your money to visit Bali. Please contact me, I will be your nice guide there. Welcome to Bali. Visit my lovely Indonesia. Balinese girls will greet you warmly while landing to this Island. Come In……

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