The End Of My First Semester as a Lecturer : Is It a Beautiful Ending?

“Alhamdulilah” [ read : thanks God ] . Finally, this semester was ended.  You know this semester is my first debut as a lecturer at Information System Dept.  ITS.  I am still remembering, Hows the things in the beginning of this semester. I was so afraid, fear not confident, not sure whether I can deliver two courses that actually I do not really understand while finishing my own MSc studies, preparing my oral defense for my thesis viva in different country with where I pointed to teach this course. But, the adagium “There is Nothing To Fear, But The Fear Its Self” should be correct on me.  I passed my thesis defense for my MSc. and Now finally, I can end this course successfully. Thanks God.

Is it beautiful ending? I am not sure actually, because I do not know how to measure , how to judge that I can say this course is ended beautifuly. Does It depend on my students or depend on me. If  It depends on my students, I am sure They will judge that It is a beautiful ending if I give all of them A mark. Ha ha… It should be not fair  isn’t it. But, to tell you the truth, I am feeling happy with this semester.

Are my courses Successful? Once more, I am not sure How to measure the success of a course. Is It merely depends on the final mark of the student. I thinks It is also not fair. Because how a lecturer examinate and evaluate  the students is also very relative. There are some lecturers with very high , high, moderate or even low expectation to the students. The lecturer with very high expectation will make a very difficult question for student examination,  then, merely no student will pass. In other hand, the lecturer with low expectation will make a easy question for student examination,  then, merely no student will fail.

The above-depicted picture is the final result for two courses I taught this semester. It is not so bad isn’t it? For the first course, Science Management, the average grade is  62.28 (BC) . There are only 6 students (10.7%) got A and There are only 3 students (5.36%) failed this course. However, There are  17 students (30.4%) are barely passed this course with grade D ( D is considered Pass for this course). For the second course, Intelligent System, the average grade is 63.92 (BC). It is a little bit better than the prior one. But, there only 1 student (2.3%) got A for this course, hows bad isn’t it? Fortunately, there are only 4 students (9.1%) failed this course.

Basically, I can make each student happy with the end of this course by making each student passed this course. I think some other lecturers did it. But, I am very sorry I can do it. So some students must be unsatisfied, even disappointed with my courses. In one side, I want to make my student happy, but in other side I should be fair. I am sure, my student concern much more on how they grasp the material of my courses than concern on hows their mark is. If They failed my course, they can retake it in other semester. May They will be lucky in the future time. Pass and Fail is something very ordinary.  It is not a taboo thing.

I realize I have yet to be a good, I have not done my best, as a lecturer for my students. I am very sorry to this matter. But I am sure, although it is only a little bit. I have given those a little bit contribution for their studies, for their future. Hopefully, it will be a useful things for their future, Insya Allah. Good Luck and all the best for my student.

Thank you, I have learned many things from you, from the processes and from the time. I really realize I should learn and learn much better in the future time to be a good a lecturer. I will share many things, lessons learned from this one semester lecture in the next post. Insya Allah.

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