How it is very bad : The “Soft Skill” of My College Student

Above-depicted is an email I got from my student. 3rd year student in my you can see there.  Hows bad isn’t it? No greeting, No opening, and no closing greeting. Straight to the point, in which I do not really understood what did he mean actually. It is only one example, that I want to show you. Hows very bad the student soft skill in my university. My University is one of the best and leading University in Indonesia.  That’s why I am sure, the worse condition easily can be found in other Universities in this country. It is a serious problem for this country, in which the future of this country is depended much on their ( the young of this country) shoulder.

Actually, it has been a old story. But, I just realized it when I studied in My Neighbor  country, Malaysia. I wonder, what make Malaysia much more developed country than Indonesia. When I was student there.  Firstly, I felt disappointed  because I can not find a lecturer with a good technical skill  there. But, why Malaysians are well known their education is better than Indonesians. Finally, I found the answer. They much well known better than Indonesians because of their good soft skill. Although, technically Indonesians is better than Malaysians. But, to be honest. I have to acknowledge Malaysians for their good soft skill. Their communication and presentation skill (in English especially) is very good.  Their writing, negotiation, and management skill is very good as well.

Now, I am lecturer In My prior University in Indonesia. I teach 3rd and 4th year student here. Here, I just realized hows bad their soft skill. Once time, I ask my student to present their project assignment [conduct in english] in front of class. You know what happen then? To be honest, I can tell you They clothed very unwell for presentation (T-shirt and jeans you know), they present very-very unconfident and ‘stage-fever’ ly. Their english is very-very bad, either grammatically or prounounciationly. Their ppt (power point) files are also not so good.

Another time, I ask them to write a paper from their experiment. As you can bet hows the result is very-very bad. They did not know how to write should to be. How to present a table and figure the did not know. How to write their ideas is also very bad. As well as their analytical part is also very bad. Even, they just present the result without analyze it at all. In the end of my lecture, I ask them to communicate to me via email if they get problem. As you can bet and see, they also can not communicate well via email.

I keep trying to comment not only their ability in technical aspect, but also comment their softskill aspect. I really acknowledge their hard skill (especially their very good programming skill). But I am sad knowing their bad softskill. Because I know, and surveys also have shown that softskill is more important when they work. If they can have a good hardskill,why they can not have a good softskill as well? I concluded that this bad condition is because not many lecturers aware about it. Supposed to be all lecturer not improve their hardskill only, but also can improve their skill. I think it is very important to add subject that can improve their softskill such as: communication and inter personal skill, business communication, corporate ethics, analytical and critical thingking subject.

I am little bit happy with my new college curricula that give more attention in soft skill improvement. I do hope once day, My University graduate is not only excellent in their hard skill but also very excellent in their soft skill.


  1. Ass. Wr. Wb, Cak Shon, now you own high responsibility to produce LEADER graduates from ITS, not WORKER graduates :).


  2. ass wr wb cak son… 😀
    klo saya rasa ini “hanya” masalah attitude dan cara berpikir “kita”…
    Yang melakukan dan berpikir apa adanya bukan ada apanya…
    oh bukan.. ini bukan apa adanya… bahkan bisa dibilang ini terlalu apa adanya…
    Sebuah attitude yang hanya “melakukan” sesuatu hanya yg dia inginkan bukan apa yg mampu dia lakukan…


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