Just want to follow their foot steps print

kh ilyasWhen someone graduated from University, what does many people expect? Getting a good job with high salary in such as in Multinational Oil and Gas Company for example, isn’t.But, I do not know why I do not really interested to do so.

I have imagined my self,  got those prestigious kind of Jobs. Then  I could make much money from my Job. Then I could buy a luxurious cars, glotious houses, marry with dreamy beautiful girl, travel on the vacation around the world,  taste all delicious food, get funny sons and daughters. Then less than 40 years later, eventually I will die. That’s all about of a Life?

I am not hypocrite, I am also dreaming to be like that. Because I know not everyone can pursuit those kind of Life. But, I sometime think this Life is too short, merely  just to  pursuit those kind of Life. Is those kind of Life make sense and in line  with the purpose and objective of our creation here. Life just to pursuit money and happiness for ourselves.

Yeah I know. Its all about, choice of Life.  And I am not in full of  my heart to pursue those kind of Life. I think there is something more important than that. To be honest, I am so impressed with the way of life of Ulema. Ulema is Scientist and best practitioner  in Religion [Islam]. They life so humble for their self, so far away from to be greedy.  But, they dedicate all of their life  for others. They contribute much for others. They so close with their God. Learn knowledge, and share the knowledge for others. Not only knowledge for this Life, but also knowledge about Life after Life. Really, Really they life in real life. In each single of their life seems to be meaningful, not only for their self. But also give a meaning for others.

Oh God, I am praying to pursuit this kind of Life, the Life of Ulema. Someone who loves You much, and You love him/her much as well. I just want to follow their foot steps prints. The foot steps of Ulema, the heir of your prophets. The prophets who guide us to attain you.

cakshon [@ ITS 010409 : 07:56 AM]


  1. Couldn’t agree more. Life is about choice. How much we weigh each options is depended on each person. Hope you’ll be able to follow the heir of our prophet’s footsteps.


  2. “Ulema is Scientist and best practitioner in Religion [Islam]”
    i am agree with you. Yup, They (Ulema) have already “rich man”, They have a balance in mind, body and soul.So, they don’t need much material thing (world).I think they always thirsty of knowledge,they are busy to evaluate theirself and guide the ummah to the right path.I hope we can be that person…..


  3. As.wr. My Bro….

    Good Luck semoga Allah memasukkan kita semua dalam golongan orang2 yang beruntung,

    See You : )


  4. Iyo cak,…
    isih istiqomah wae kan ?
    mugo2 Gusti tansah maringi panjang umur,…
    sugih rizki,…
    lan berangkat haji,…
    Seneng ane bisa maca artikel peno chak,.:)
    Kapan terakhir dulin sowan nang nJombang ?


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