thank you Allah: Finally I won the “battle” of my M.Sc. Thesis Viva

Thanks you Allah…. Alhamdulilah.
I’m very happy, finally I won the “battle” to defense my M.Sc thesis In the oral presentation examination yesterday [170309]. Thus, unofficially I have graduated from my M.Sc. in Information Technology studies in 2 years from Computer and Information Sciences Department, University Technology of PETRONAS.

Although I have no well preparation, even I was feeling so nervous and not confident in the last minutes. But, suddenly I can do well on the spot. I was feeling lucky, I can deliver the presentation and answer all question well, and finally the examiners did not hesitate to grant me MSc degree. That’s what I mean with sometime I can not control myself. There is huge and great power over there control me. That’s the power of praying to Him, Allah. I prepared less, but prayed more for my thesis viva.

I would like to thank very much to everyone contributed to my thesis. Especially to my supervisor Dr Ass. Professor Ahmad Kamil bin Mahmood, Miss Noreen Izza Arshad [now, pursuing Phd in Melbourne University Ausy], and Mr Ahmad Izuddin Zainal Abidin [Now, pursuing Phd in Oxford University UK] for their nice fully-dedicated guidance during my Master studies.

I am deeply grateful to my Mom and Dad for praying me all days and nights. My brothers, sisters, mates, and friends for supporting and encouraging when I was down and burdened during my studies. I really appreciate it. On every grudge and every fight I miss you guys and girls.

In hours after finishing my thesis Viva, I expressed my happiness by sending email to my supervisor, and co-supervisors. I was very happy they all congratulated me. I got very touchy email from Ms Noreen Izza Arshad from Melbourne University Ausy. May I can share her email here:

Dear Mukhlason,

I believe that 80% of the work is purely done by u and only u. 10% comes from the skills, other researchers, peers and supervisors. and 10% comes from luck, confidence, panels, love ones. And on top of all is the help from ALLAH – alhamdullilah.

I would like to congratulate u on your well done job, your persistence in doing work, your courage, your hard wok and your determination. You are my first MSc student and will always be remembered. Please…please do keep in touch.

Keep the high motivation in continuing research in any field, and hope our path can cross again, we can collaborate professionally in the future. All the best for your n future undertakings, and do not forget to send me your convocation pictures!!!!!!



Alhamdulilah, thank you Allah for everything ! and now I have to move forward.
“Faidza Faraghta Fanshab Wailaa Rabbika Farghab [QURAN]”
When one thing was well done already, Then I should to be well prepared and do my very best for thing else, and Only to Him [Allah] we address all the hopes.

May Allah always gives all the very best for Us. Ammiin..
cakshon [@UTP 190309: 12:46 AM]


  1. Hey…do u have ms. noreen email? reli need to keep in touch with her. she’s my reference 🙂
    plz3 email me ya


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