The Craziness of my Careless Habits

So long so far, I am still happy with my careless habits. Just a little bit bad effect in my mind, even sometime to be somewhat careless and not perfectionist person give many advantages for my Life in my mind.

But, lately, this bad habit make me really really feel crazy. I don’t really know perfectly why, lately this bad habit being so cronis. May because of too many things to think and to do in my daily Life. You know, I have to prepare my defense examination for my master thesis, prepare lecture material for 3 subject s that I should to teach in each week, prepare my research proposal that the duedate in close day, prepare my International Conference paper that should be revised and paid in close days, prepare starting my business with my friend, help my friend up from fall in love with my another friend and many other things to do.

Last days, my GF angried me. She protested to me that I did not care her anymore. Even, She tried to forget me forever regarding this matter. Fortunately, She can not do it. The more She try to forget me, the more She remembers and loves me, :p. You know, I am in risky to be lost of my GF.

I have to be ashamed in two sequential days, in the same place. In the morning, I have taken food and drink to eat in a restourant. I just realized that i did not bring my wallet and no money in my pocket, when I went to cashier to pay.
I have to go down-up stair 2 till 3 times from my rent house and office, there is always something left, and when I get the thing, another thing is left. Oh.. so very bad.I am feeling like crazy those days.

The worst thing is today I just realized that I lost my thumb drive. Where I saved all my work data, my thesis, my research, my lecture material, my journal, my e-book and many important things in it. The worse of the worst is I do not have the back up at all. I felt like lost of a part of my soul. I want to angry and cry to myself today. I striked my own head and face. “Huh… Should I restart everything from beginning?”.”Oh no… so very-very hard, yo know”.

I am crying, regreting all my stupidity, all my careless habits. I just realized that this bad habits affected badly in my Life. Oh my God, May You will release this bad habit out of me and change with another good habit: “Tobe Carefull”.

cakshon [@ ITS 070309]
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