Is My Nice Name : “ahmad” Damned name in USA?

Today I am very happy, but eventually I am so sad. You know why? Let me tell you.

Last 2 weeks I felt little bit happy because my paper was accepted in an International Conference named AMS 2009 ( Asia Modeling 2009). It is little bit prestigious, because this conference is internationally organized by IEEE, The world’s leading professional association for the advancement of technology especially in Electrical and Electronics . One more thing that make me more happy is the registration fee is totally paid by My Information System Department at ITS. Although, the registration fee is quite expensive for me, USD 390.  Even, my department will also pay all my transportation and accommodation fee for 3 days during the conference. Surely, I will never pay it from my own pocket.

After jumping in from one bank to another , I have jumped in CIMB Niaga Bank, BNI Bank, BCA Bank and finally I can find a bank giving me a service to transfer my registration fee payment. I should send my money to PNC Bank, Pittsburg, USA.  The bank is BRI ( Bank Rakyat Indonesia), one of governmental bank. Although, I was charged USD 15 , I am happy the transaction is successfully delivered.

But, few hours later. The BRI staff phone me via my mobile number. She informed me that although the transaction successfully delivered, but the beneficiary bank rejected my money transfer. Oh May God, you know today is the due date of payment registration. I wonder ‘ Why oh Why”? The BRI staff told me that the name “Ahmad” is black listed in USA, especially in USA Bank. Ho ho… Just because my name is Ahmad? Oh no….., may, is it the bad effect of  “1109”. Since the time I decide withdraw my paper from IEEE publication.

I can imagine if I apply fir Visa in USA. Surely, my application will be rejected as well. Just because my name is “Ahmad”. “Ahmad” is very nice name in Arabic, but the damned name in USA. Should I change my name? Never Never. May, I will never go to USA. Fortunately, I have no interest to pursue my studies at USA. Go the Hell USA! for black listing my nice name.


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