Lesson Learned: My students Prefer Practical Example and Hate Theories

harold-1-lg.. and the time went by swift. Three weeks have gone, since I was lecturer at ITS. Too many thing to learn, but fortunately I never feel tired to learn. surely, learning by doing and Lifelong learning, even learn how to learn. The thing curiously i want to learn is what is the “best practice” method that effectively can be implemented in my lecture. It is not easy, because everyone(student) has his/her own style oh his/her studies. But, at least I can find an approach out “ONE that best fit for  ALL”.

Based on my past experienced lecture, i found a “lesson” interesting to learn from my students. You know, I tought three subjects in this semester i.e data structures, intelligent system, and management science. During my lecture, the students felt normal at the beginning, they tried to understand and grasp what my presentation slides intended to. Then, when I presented math formulation or definition ( just like Sigma, alfa, gamma, etc. Symbol), They started feeling scary and shouting out : “Ho………” , their faces were looked so blurr showed me that they do not really understand and do not want to understand.  Then, when I presented theories about something, They started sleeping, although in my mind it was very important concept they need to understand. Except, if I shout out this important concept, They will open their eyes and ears. And the most important lesson learned from this experienced lecture is They felt happy and look understood when I gave them example, practical example, the real application such as software and videos, or analogies of the concepts with something common happened or closed to  their daily Life.

In conclusion, giving a real example or showing a real application at the beginning before entering the notions of concepts is effective way to attract the student interest to learn the theories and concepts behind it. Giving analogy with something closer to their daily life is effectively help them easily understand  difficult theories or concept.

cak shon [@ ITS 030309: 10:04 PM]

[pict.  grabbed from blog.nordquist.org]

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