My First Time: Should everything hard at the begining and beautiful eventually?

Monday 090209. It is hard day for me. It is my first time to be a lecturer at Information System Department, ITS.ย  Although I have been teaching assistant for 2 years during my master studies, I am so nervous imagining what will happen in the class. Will the student eat and hurt me? Oh My God, the worse matter is that I have to teach something that I do not really understand. You know, I have to teach Intelligent System course, the subject that i do not like much during my undergraduate studies and never take it during my master studies.

In this course I have to teach a concept of Machine Learning. How to make the program or system can learn from experience by introducing many adaptive algorithm such as candidate elimination, decision tree, artificial neural network, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithm, pattern recognition, etc. To tell you the truth, it is not easy to make my self understand. If so, then how to make my student understand? [ho.. ho… ] In other hand, I am supposed to be [looks] smart lecturer in front of students in the class. I can not imagine either ‘How the stupid teacher teach stupid student ‘ or ‘How the stupid teacher teach smart student’ . Hopefully, it will never happen to me.

The only thing I can do is learning by doing, never hesitate to ask something i do not understand to the others, learn from experience, and be gentle to confess the stupidity of me. I realize that one thousand kilometers journey must be started from one step. It is so natural, everything must be hard at beginning and hopefully eventually will be ended beautifully.

Well, my first class is not so bad. I can enjoy the class and the student looks not so bored with my class. Hope everything getting better and better, Insya Allah ๐Ÿ™‚

Cak Shon [@ ITS Surabaya, 280209: 11.07.PM]


  1. well…..nice to see you get something precious “to be lecturer”, isn’t there, a gud job, to have “ilmannafi'”, that absolutely true, everything hard at the begining and beautiful eventually?
    you teach about AI, don’t you, i learn it too, coz of my final project, the last one “your english is good, really really good” two thumbs up


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