Just Because: “THIS LIFE IS TEST”

We know that this life is a test.
Everyone of us has his/her own test.
For example someone may be born blind, but that person is expected
to live his/her life according to God’s law.
Others are born poor, short,
tall, weak, missing fingers, having big nose…etc
but all of them are expected to follow God’s law.
Some men or women may never marry in
their life, or spend part of their life without a spouse.
As per the Quran they still have to live a chaste life and avoid any sexual contacts outside a
They have to suppress their sexual feelings to follow God’s law.
It is a major test and not an easy one for many.
Only those who submit to
God will do everything they can to follow His law.
They know that their
salvation and eternal happiness rests in doing so.

For a person who asks, “why me?”
We know God is the Most
Merciful and Just (16:90) and He will give each one of us a fair
test and a fair chance.
He assigns the tests to suite each one of us
and we believe that He will never burden any soul beyond its
means (23:2).

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